Social Services OT & Managing Waiting Lists

Expertise & Reliability To Compliment Your In house OT services

Given the current demands on Local Authority Occupational Therapy (OT) services to meet Key Performance Indicators within an ever tightening budget, many services are looking at options to enable them to meet some of these demands. In-house services are often stretched beyond capacity.

We believe that working with Inclusion.Me could help you save over a third of your budget, with a much higher throughput from our OT or OTA caseworkers and with no additional waste costs passed on to your department.

Our recent client list includes numerous local authority OT departments spread throughout London and the southeast, most recently Kent County Council, The City Of London, Hammersmith & Fulham, Royal Borough Of Kensington & Chelsea, Merton and Hillingdon Social Services as well as Staying First and various home improvement agencies.

Options to manage Local Authority OT waiting lists Include:

  • Overtime for in-house Staff: This has add-on costs of supervision and facilities management. Staff productivity can also be a huge issue.
  • Agency OTs: This is an expensive option with the same potential drawbacks.
  • Outsourcing & Inclusion.Me: We will cost a package for you based on the type of service you want. Would you like OT or OTA assessments outsourced? Do you run paper records or computer records? Do you want computer records updated? Do you want outsourcing to include provision and follow up of provision? Do you need to work through a waiting list of complex paediatric cases or a backlog of single handed manual handling care package reviews?

Inclusion.Me is committed to working with current legislation and guidance governing local authority social care services. We are extremely familiar with Health And Social Care Act (2012); Care Act (2014); Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act (1996); Children & Families Act; Children Act; Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act; Direct Payments: Health and Social Care Act (2001) etc. We have extensive experience in working with children, adults and older adults, and working with people in all tenures, taking into account concomitant legislation and ‘best practice’ guidance.

Housing, manual handling, equipment and adaptations for all age groups are our specialisms and a core area of our work. They are the basis upon which our growing reputation as a multi award winning OT public sector service provider has been built and the reason why one of our local authority client's recently described us as:

"The Rolls Royce OT Service"

For more information about our specialist OT outsourcing services or to arrange a free consultation with one of our Occupational Therapy team call 01892 320334 or email