Paediatric Occupational Therapy

January 22nd, 2009

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Our team now includes experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapists. Our specialist independent OTs work with children and young people both at home and at school, to help them become increasingly independent and gain confidence.

Our services now include:

  • OT Home assessments and interventions
  • OT School access reports
  • OT Treatment programmes
  • Adaptation design
  • Advice to school on adapting curriculum and including children with special educational needs in daily school life
  • Specialist seating and wheelchair assessments
  • Advice & assessment regarding assistive technologies
  • Case management & assistance with transition from school to higher education
  • Assessments and interventions for children and young people with multiple and complex needs.

Our Paediatric OTs are supportive, enthusiastic and highly experienced professionasl. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise, including a Professionals Award from the Mayor of Newcastle for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Supporting Children with Disabilites and their Families’.

For more information or to arrange a free consultation call 01892 704065 or email We also offer a range of nationwide private Occupational Therapy services so please see our website for further details to see how our expert paediatric Occupational Therapy team could help you.