Disabled children: social care, equipment, home adaptations

April 8th, 2021


Disabled Children: Social Care, equipment, home adaptations

A Briefing Paper by Michael Mandelstam for inclusion.Me

The next in our series of expert led guidance documents around social care is a briefing paper by Michael Mandelstam on legal aspects of equipment and home adaptations provision for disabled children – with Occupational Therapists in mind. The paper is divided into three parts.

First, the legal framework is set out, in order to identify which legislation is relevant for what sort of provision. 

The second part outlines the principles which the courts and the ombudsmen bring to bear when analysing the decision-making process of local authorities (and the NHS).

The third section applies the first two sections in order to consider particular types and issues in provision – for example, car seats, shared care, additional space in the household, safety, behaviour, charitable help, bathing, etc.

We hope you find it informative and that this series of briefing papers continue to spark plenty of discussion.

Matthew Box

Occupational Therapist/Founder of