Disability Access Auditing

Disabled consumers are worth £80 billion per annum 

In a recession, can your business afford to exclude potential customers? Are you aware of your business’ obligations to disabled people?

Disabled consumers are a significant but poorly addressed market worth £80 billion per annum… For an average business disabled customers may account for up to 20% of the customer base.

The popularity of the 2012 Paralympics brought us emotional tales of human courage and dedication. It was part of the attraction of watching a disabled athlete conquer adversity. Yet what about the daily barriers that 8.6 million (15 per cent) of the UK population face when carrying out basic activities most of us take for granted?

  • Can you imagine struggling to access a popular business because you can’t get in the front door?
  • Can you picture not being able to get to a toilet in the restaurant you love going to?

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) addressed the obstacles which many disabled people experience in everyday life: in employment; access to goods and services; transport; and education. The DDA applied to anyone who provided a service to the general public - whether it was a small corner shop or large Multinational Corporation, placing a duty on them to make reasonable adjustments to the way they provided their service so they did not discriminate against disabled customers or employee's. This act has now been replaced by the Equality Act 2010 but the same principles apply - see our Equality Act section for further guidance on the new Equality Act.

As an employer, provider of a service to the general public, or education provider you have a duty to make reasonable adjustments in anticipating the needs of disabled people

Meeting Your Legal Requirements

Inclusion.Me can help you understand your responsibilities and fulfil them using cost-effective packages. These could include:

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