OT Video Wall

So what is an Occupational Therapist and what do they do?

A posting wall for students, OTs and clients to describe what Occupational Therapy means to them (and other interesting OT and accessibility related things we wanted to share).......

The Many Faces Of Occupational Therapists

UBC OT Students 2013

Occupational therapy and older people

Rasheedas story

Because Of Occupational Therapy

UBC OT Students 2012

Occupational therapy and sensory difficulties

Leo Jaces story

Occupational therapy and Multiple Sclerosis

Garys story

How travel can shape your OT career

My Health Career

Occupational therapy and amputations

Robins story

How Occupational Therapy Can Help People

BAOT Video

Occupational therapy and physical disability

Marcs story

What Does An Occupational Therapist Do?

Arthritis Research UK

What is Occupational Therapy?

San Jose State University Dept Of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy and stroke

Dinas story

OT Problems.....OT Rap

OT Students Dominican University California 2013

The role of an OT in an insurance company

My Health Career

The Art Of Occupational Therapy

Video by E. Connors, R. Finch & K. Hibbert

OT on an oncology ward

My Health Career

Occupation - not just work

My Health Career

Disability Awareness: Social Model

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Understanding The Equality Act 2010

Equality And Human Rights Commission