Private Occupational Therapy

Private Occupational Therapy

Inclusion.Me specialises in private Occupational Therapy (private OT) assessments for any individual or group, helping those with a disability to work and live as independently as possible. Whether you’re finding certain tasks a bit more difficult as you get older, you have a disability yourself or you know or care for someone in this situation, Inclusion.Me can help.

With a huge range of assistive equipment and adaptation options available, making the right choice can often be a worrying and daunting decision......especially when it's so important to get right! How do you know what is available? Where do you go to buy equipment? How do you know what is right for you? How do you know if a supplier is reputable and won't try to use unwelcome hard sell techniques? Inclusion.Me can help provide answers to these questions alongside award winning expert, independent advice and guidance.

We also have an indepth understanding of the role of a Case Manager, organising and managing a complex package of care across a diverse and specialist team of service providers, placing the client at the heart of a community of experts working together to help attain an individuals optimal level of independence and quality of life. Our rapidly expanding team of highly skilled independent OTs have extensive experience in providing the full spectrum of specialist independent OT interventions, to form an integral part of this multi-disciplinary approach. 

Our Occupational Therapy reports provide detailed, and clearly justified, expert recommendations with full costings and treatment goals/plans all outlined as appropriate.

Some of the Private OT services we offer:

  • Private Occupational Therapy (private OT) assessments and intervention for people with disabilities, providing specialist independent OT reports, giving guidance and detailed recommendations around potential equipment, adaptations and rehabilitation options. Identifying and implementing clear treatment goals and plans as appropriate.
  • Expert OT Housing, Equipment & Adaptations Services - our OT packages range from providing a 1 off independent OT assessment and report, with clear recommendations and specifications for you to follow up on directly, through to a full assessment, report and equipment/adaptations/project management package where we ensure you're fully supported every step of the way (perfect for individuals or families who feel they need that extra guidance and expertise to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible!)
  • Manual Handling expertise and solutions to help promote an individuals independence at home or alternatively to assist our clients and their carers in having the right levels of support, training and equipment in place to ensure safety, dignity and quality of life are maximised to the full
  • Paediatric equipment and adaptation OT casework and expertise
  • Specialist Occupational Therapy Treatment and support packages
  • Independent Mobility Assessment (IMA) services
  • Independent case reviews or expert 2nd opinion OT assessments

For more information on our private OT assessment services or to arrange a free consultation with one of our award winning expert private OT team, please call 01892 320334 or email