Moving & Handling With Dignity

Moving & Handling With Dignity

Inclusion.Me is a leading provider of independent Occupational Therapy and manual handling solutions. Led by a team of highly specialist Occupational Therapists & Physiotherapists. Inclusion.Me specialise in providing expert assessments & recommendations within the field of moving and handling with dignity. 

Double Handed Packages Of Care Review Projects

Historically, there has been a belief regarding the requirement to use two people for specific manual handling tasks. A report investigating the prescription of double handed care concluded that there was a need to re-evaluate the need for double-handed care and to question current thinking in order to ultimately benefit carers, clients and cost (Phillips, Mellson, Richardson 2014). Research shows that equipment and correct techniques can have a positive impact on reducing functional decline, reducing the costs of care and can significantly increase quality of life. In many cases double handed care is not required when the right equipment is provided, or staff are trained in the right way.  This brings benefits for service users, care providers and for the local authority (Robinson and Arnold, 2012). The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) (2019) recently published a report as part of the Improving Lives Saving Money series: ‘Relieving the pressure on social care the value of occupational therapy’.  Their report outlines that the work of occupational therapists relieves pressure on the  social care system. 

A double handed package of care is where more than one carer is provided on each visit to someone to deliver personal care to the person in their home. Inclusion.mehave experience in being commissioned to undertake numerous double handed care package projects across the UK. The main aims of these types of review projects are often:

  • To improve the capacity of care providers to address the demand for care;  
  • To improve quality of care and service user experience;
  • To reduce client waiting times for care provision within their homes;  
  • To review current provision of equipment, to ensure the most appropriate and up-to date provision to meet client needs, within resources available;  
  • To undertake risk assessments for each client to ensure safety of the client, the family and the carers; 
  • To identify any cost saving benefits. 

Worth A Second Look?

Headline outcomes from a recent Inclusion.Me proportionate care review project in Thurrock included:

  • A total 214.75 hours per week of reduction in care hours meaning 11,167 hours released to care each year & financial savings of £181,463.75 per annum
  • 91% of clients indicated that they felt an improvement in their health state
  • 44% of clients indicated that they had experienced an improvement in their feelings of anxiety and depression
  • 27/96 had reductions in care package ranging from 1.5 hours per week to 33.5 hours per week
  • For every £1 spent on the project by Thurrock, including equipment provision, the return on investment was £2.41

For More information regarding the outcomes & savings, as well as example case studies, from one of our recent Double Handed Care Package Review projects download our Social Return On Investment Report or executive summary attached below.

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