Housing OT Services

Expert Housing OT Services

Our society is being let down by a failure to deliver enough accessible homes (Lifetime Homes or fully wheelchair accessible standards).The estimated financial cost of inaccessible homes to the NHS and care services is enormous - according to Leonard Cheshire Disability up to £450m per year (based on £300m of health costs & £150m of care costs). The individual human costs, such as restrictions to quality of life & independence, are even greater. We believe that Occupational Therapists are perfectly placed to offer the expert advise & support needed to help re-address this inexcusable, growing problem.

Inclusion.Me offers expert, holistic and independent OT assessments of an individual and their home environment. All areas of daily life are reviewed, from making breakfast, washing, toileting and dressing all the way through to getting back in to bed at the end of the day. We will also ensure that we complete a detailed investigation of environmental factors such as access, stairs and general circulation around the home, with clear, detailed recommendations and guidance, along with potential costings and proposed plans as appropriate, then being provided within our final report.

Housing, equipment and adaptations for all age groups are our specialisms and a core area of our work. They are the basis upon which our award winning reputation as experts in the field of independent Occupational Therapy has been built. Our prompt response times and turnaround of work allows individuals and private organisations to avoid the waiting times and restrictions which are frequently encountered when dealing with local authority services.

An example of some of the services we can manage on your behalf are:

  • Providing expert, independent housing needs reports
  • Installation of ramps, rails and other minor adaptations
  • Supply and fitting specialist equipment (adults and paediatrics)
  • Manual handling solutions and expertise
  • Stair or through floor/vertical lift installations
  • Installation of wet rooms
  • Extensions and complex adaptation project management

OT Housing Association Services

We offer a full range of award winning private Occupational Therapy services to housing associations, working closely with our clients to make sure we do this in the most cost-effective and clinically efficient way possible.

Because we have the resources to respond quickly to assessment requests throughout the UK, we help housing associations meet their tenants’ needs swiftly and efficiently.

Decent Homes & Lifetime Homes OT Programmes

Over a number of years, Inclusion.Me has built up strong, positive working partnerships with Registered Providers, Project Teams and Contractors who work in the field of Decent Homes Modifications and New Build/Decant programmes.

We are adept and highly experienced at working within Decent Homes programmes.  Pinnacle PSG, Staying First Merton, Watmos, Ethelred, Guinness South, Mullalleys, Lambeth, United House and Phoenix Community Housing are a few of the organizations with whom we have been fortunate enough to partner and we pride ourselves on the award winning PR these projects have so far achieved for both ourselves and our clients.

We always provide a dedicated Business Relationship Manager ensuring a single point of contact. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction as part of our involvement within these programmes and are happy to partner and attend late evening public relationship Tenant meetings to publically answer any fine-detail enquiries about disability options and smooth the process for both the Registered Provider, Tenant group and the Project Team.

We Offer:

  • Working partnerships with Housing Providers within Decent Homes programmes to assess the needs of already identified tenants; promoting good practice in regards to integrating individual tenants' needs for improved accessibility, particularly with bathrooms and kitchens, into housing providers' planned refurbishment programmes carried out within the Decent Homes Agenda
  • Taking a lead on undertaking population assessment tenant-needs-questionnaires to help identify tenants whom would benefit from an Occupational Therapy (OT) assessment as part of a Decent Homes programme
  • Programme pressure responsiveness
  • Awareness of Legacy maintenance issues
  • Expertise in the pros and cons of standard product choices
  • Standardization of installation specifications to improve efficiency of installations and ease of maintenance in the future
  • Responsive team of OTs available by phone for contractors when on site
  • A strong customer focus with a demonstrable history of associated award winning PR for the programmes we have been involved in

Residential Care Home OT Services

Through our team of expert independent OTs, Inclusion.Me are able to assist care homes achieve their legal obligations and meet their residents’ needs in the most cost effective and clinically efficient way possible, giving value for money and reliable expertise. We can review service accessibility, carry out individual resident assessments, provide specialist OT advice and reports on manual handling and other specialist equipment, and assist with new build, redesign and refurbishment projects as required.

Inclusion.Me offer a range of detailed, independent care home and resident OT reports, as well as providing Occupational Therapists to run in-house group sessions, to help make sure care homes meet the Care Quality Commission standards.

Recent clients include SC Healthcare, Odyssey, Larchfield and Copperfields care homes.

Inclusion.Me are able to offer a nationwide specialist housing OT service. For more information or to arrange a free consultation with one of our award winning OT team call 01892 320334 or email info@inclusion.me.uk.