Electric Riser Recliner Chair Guide

January 24th, 2009

Electric Riser Recliner Chair Guide

When choosing a chair, there are a number of issues that play a role in our search – after all, it has to be comfortable, stylish and affordable. However, for those of us that need extra support, sit for long periods or find it difficult to get up then these issues become vital and it may be that you need to consider specialist seating such as an electric riser recliner chairs.

An electric riser, also known as a recliner chair, can be an ideal solution for people with restricted mobility, especially those who have difficulty transferring or adjusting their position. It is helpful for you to have a good idea of the features you may require as these chairs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices.

There are two key reasons to show just how good a recliner chair can be. Not only does it help you sit and stand, the reclining action can also make you more comfortable…the perfect way to relax!

Factors such as the slope and angle of a backrest, the position and style of armrests as well as types of fabric and pressure relief offered all make a difference to an individual’s comfort as well as to the cost of a chair. Internal dimensions of the chair including the seat height, width, depth, and backrest height need to be correct for the individual. It is also worth bearing in mind the overall dimensions of the chair if space is limited.

It’s very important to try any chair out properly before you buy it and seek the right advice. Make sure you can operate the controls, you can sit and stand safely and without too much effort and you are going to be comfortable sitting for long periods. If you really need a riser recliner to support your independent living your local council may be able to help but they will need to carry out a full assessment first.

Another option is Assist UK, a national network for advice on independent living equipment. They run a UK wide network of Disabled Living Centres which provide opportunities to try equipment and obtain information and advice from professional staff. DLF/Disabled Living Foundation are another option for those living in and around the London area. Ltd is a disability consultation and service provider offering high-quality, cost-effective solutions to employers, businesses and individuals. With over 16 years’ experience specialising in Occupational Therapy, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) and Vocational Rehabilitation, our solid client base spreads across London and the South-East.

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