Coronavirus, social care, law and Occupational Therapists: a briefing note

May 6th, 2020

Coronavirus, social care, law and Occupational Therapists: a briefing note

As we are all well aware, we unfortunately find ourselves living in a time of change and uncertainty resulting from the Coronavirus Pandemic. As an Occupational Therapist working within the multi-verse of Local Authorities, I have personally found it particularly challenging to keep abreast of, and internalise, how the continual changes that this new world creates will affect our professional scope of practice and impact the work we conduct within social care on a daily basis. As always, I believe most of the answers stem from 2 core foundations, an understanding of the legislation and guidance that instructs us and directs our thinking, balanced alongside the continual need for robust, appropriate assessments of need and sound clinical reasoning. There have been various legislative changes and guidance notices released over the past few weeks and I believe it is essential our OTs, and the profession as a whole, understand the impacts these will have on us all whilst keeping alert to their ever evolving nature. With this in mind, we have commissioned this easily digestible, expert briefing note by Michael Mandelstam to help summarise some of the key changes and how they are already being applied. Please feel free to share it across your teams and with anyone whom you feel it will benefit; we hope it informs your practice and supports all OTs to think creatively, and participate fully, in assisting with the development of our profession and service delivery throughout the months ahead.

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