Assisting you to meet your legal obligations under the 2010 Equality Act

June 20th, 2017

Assisting you to meet your legal obligations under the 2010 Equality Act

Meeting Your Legal Requirements

As an employer, you are already aware of your duty under the Equality Act 2010, to make reasonable adjustments in anticipating the needs of disabled people.

Inclusion.Me can help you understand your responsibilities and fulfill them using cost-effective packages including:

A Disability Access Audit by one of our specialist access auditors. This is the easiest and most comprehensive way of making sure you meet legal requirements and needs of your disabled clients, customers and employees.

Equal access customer service training for your employees, ensuring that they understand and support your business policy and practices regarding Disability

Our Access Audit assures you of the most cost-effective ways of ensuring that you and your staff are aware of all your responsibilities under the DDA and Equality Act 

There is also a strong business case regarding accessibility

Disabled consumers are a significant proportion of the UK consumer market and businesses could be missing up to a 20% of the market by not reaching out to them. It might only take one small change to make a business significantly more accessible to disabled people.” (Minister for Disabled People; Maria Miller).

The 2012, Legacy for Disabled People Report addressing Inclusive and Accessible Business shows that:

  • Worth £80 billion p.a , disabled consumers are a significant but poorly addressed market
  • Around 20% of the customer base of an average business are disabled customers
  • 32% of disabled people have difficulty accessing goods and services they want to use, meaning companies could be losing 1 in 5 of their customers.
  • The risk of losing business to a more accessible competitor is high as consumer experiences of disabled people affect the choices of family and friends.
  • A survey of disabled consumers’ buying patterns revealed that a staggering proportion, 83%, had to take their custom elsewhere to a more accessible competitor.
  • If the impact of the ageing population is considered, businesses may be losing over a quarter of their potential customers by failing to respond to disabled customers requirements.
  • Whilst the annual market is estimated in excess of £80 billion, older people’s spending is set to reach £100 billion p.a.
  • Wheelchair users account for less than 8% of the total 10.6 million disabled people in the UK.

We have recently worked with Selfridges, ZSL, Royal London Society for the Blind, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Kent County Council, The Theatre Royal, Nike and The Arab National Bank.

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