The Equality Act & Access Audits

The Equality Act & Disability Access Audits

The Equality Act (previously the DDA) applies to anyone who provides a service to the general public - whether it is a small corner shop, care home or large Multinational Corporation.

Inclusion.Me will map a journey through your business, as taken by a disabled person, to ensure that you are aware of all of your responsibilities and options under the Equality Act.

All our access auditors have at least 10 years experience of working in the fields of disability, access and construction. They attend regular training to ensure they are up to date with all relevant legislation & guidance.

Our recent clients have included Selfridges, The Royal London Society For The Blind, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Kent County Council, The Handel Museum & Hendrix Experience, Nike, The Theatre Royal, Brentwood Council and The Arab National Bank.

Background to the Equality Act

The Equality Act recently replaced the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) with its stated aim being to 'harmonise discrimination law, and to strengthen the law to support progress on equality'. The Act replaces all existing equality legislation, including the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

The Equality Act aims to ensure that service providers and business' will have to consider how their policies, programmes and service delivery will affect people with the protected characteristics such as age, gender and / or disability.

Taken from the government equalities office website:

Equality Bill Introduction

"The Government is committed to creating a fair society with fair chances for everyone. For society to be fair people must have the chance to live their lives freely and fulfil their potential. To achieve this we need to tackle inequality and root out discrimination.

Equality not only has benefits for individuals but for society and the economy too. A more equal workforce is a stronger workforce. A more equal society is one more at ease with itself. To help us create the equal and fair society we all want to see we will introduce an important new package of measures. At the heart of this package is the new Equality Bill which was announced in the Queen's Speech on 3rd December 2008."

A disability access audit is still the best way to ensure you meet your duties under the Equality Act in regards to accessibility.

The Benefits Of An Access Audit

Inclusion.Me ensures accessibility, identifies barriers, measures usability and provides options for improvement.

  • Inclusion.Me’s specialist knowledge of the issues surrounding disabled people will save you money and increase your potential income.
  • Inclusion.Me's design philosophy will improve customer and staff satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Inclusion.Me provides property access solutions, which help meet your responsibilities under the Equality Act.
  • Inclusion.Me’s training of employees to provide equal access will improve your customer service.
  • Inclusion.Me’s advice will not only affect people with disabilities, but also have an enormous benefit and reward for everyone by improving accessibility.

Contact Inclusion.Me either by or phone: 01892 320334 for further details about the Equality Act and our access auditing services.