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Inclusion.Me OT Listing Terms and Conditions

Before Inclusion.Me allows an Occupational Therapist (OT) to advertise their services on this page, Inclusion.Me carries out basic checks to confirm that the OT is fit to practice and holds the appropriate cover, experience and background. These checks will usually include an HCPC registration check, Enhanced CRB check, resume and reference review, review of insurance documents and short telephone interview. Whilst Inclusion.Me takes steps to ensure the professionalism and expertise of the OTs appearing on this website, Inclusion.Me will not be responsible for the provision of any services by an OT unless they are directly engaged by Inclusion.Me as an Associate and you enter into a contract with Inclusion.Me for their services. The listed affiliate OTs are self-employed contractors and are not employees of Inclusion.Me. Please note Inclusion.Me will only accept affiliate OT listing applications from individual Occupational Therapists.

If you decide to engage an OT directly to provide services, your contract for those services will be a direct contract between you and the therapist and Inclusion.Me will not be a party to that contract.

The appearance of an OT on this page does not imply an endorsement by Inclusion.Me of that therapist. Inclusion.Me will not be liable for any actions which you take or contract which you enter into as a result of viewing any information on this website.

What criteria do affiliate OTs need to meet to advertise themselves through Inclusion.Me?

  • They need to be HCPC registered as an Occupational Therapist
  • They need to be self employed
  • They need to be a member of BAOT &/or COTSIPP
  • They need to have their own professional indemnity insurance through BAOT or an appropriate insurance company such as Balens
  • They will have provided 2 brief written testimonials or references
  • They will have provided an up to date resume/professional CV
  • They will on average have at least 4-6 years post grad OT experience (or alternatively a clearly demonstrable skills set & background, decision making experience & comitment to on-going continual professional development)

Please note Inclusion.Me will only accept affiliate OT listings applications from individual Occupational Therapists whom meet the criteria guidelines outlined above. If unsuccessful in your application Inclusion will provide written feedback as to why this decision has been taken and also offer a refund of your fee minus a PayPal payment and application processing admin fee charge to cover costs & time taken.

If you have any concerns about any of the OTs appearing on this page, please contact us.

For more opportunities and to dicuss these Terms and Conditions, please contact us on 01892 320334 or email