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Thatcher House,
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Tunbridge Wells,
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T:01892 320334
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Helen Lloyd Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist
Lancashire areas

Clinical Specialisms: Neurological Rehabilitation; Upper Limb Rehab ; Cognitive Rehab; Vocational Rehab; Functional Rehab; Postural Management; Specialist Seating & Wheelchairs; Sensory Assessments.

Geographical Areas Covered: Based in Preston, Lancashire. Able to travel widely. All UK areas considered depending on client need.


Helen is an HCPC registered, proactive and experienced Occupational Therapist with proven ability to apply professional skills and manage her own professional competence and accountability. She has extensive post graduate, specialist clinical experience across a wide range of conditions, client presentations and clinical settings. Helen is now pursuing her passion of community based, Neurological Rehabilitation in the private sector.

Helen is experienced in working with clients who present with a vast range of neurological conditions, from Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury through to rarer neurological presentations such as Functional Neurological Disorder, long COVID/post COVID vaccination neurological disorders, Guillain Barre Syndrome. She also works with clients following significant neurosurgical input e.g., post craniotomy, awaiting cranioplasty and those with VP shunts/ hydrocephalus.

She also has extensive experience working with clients presenting with multifaceted presentations such as those with a main neurological diagnosis however also with multiple comorbidities including mental health diagnosis, for example clients with post CVA psychosis and depression and those with significant visuo-spatial difficulties.

Helen has specialist knowledge and experience in providing comprehensive assessments and reports using standardised and non-standardised outcome assessment tools and service performance measures. She designs and delivers bespoke therapeutic interventions alongside the generation of specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely (SMART) rehabilitation goals in partnership with the client, family and winder MDT.

In addition to her professional experience as an OT, Helen has also worked as a live in Spinal Care Personal Assistant. This involved 24-hour care provision including roles such as, MAR chart completion/ medications management, bowel care, pressure care and specialist vocational rehabilitation including review and facilitation of assistive technology and specialist equipment. This has enabled her to gain lived experience of the roles and challenges carers face, equipping her with personal knowledge of how best to support them.

Helen is a hugely passionate Occupational Therapist with excellent interpersonal and communication skills and is able to work effectively with clients with complex expressive and receptive communication difficulties. She is committed to lifelong learning in order to be able to deliver high quality and evidenced based care to her clients to ensure optimal client outcomes.

For more information regarding Helen or to arrange a free consultation please call 01892 320334 or email enquiries@inclusion.me.uk