Starting Out in Private Practice: Tips From Independent OTs

June 6th, 2014

"Starting Out" in Private Practice: Tips From Independent OTs

Deciding to work for yourself in any profession is often an exciting but daunting prospect. Most OTs seem to say they started independent work confident in the professional services they could offer, but had little business acumen to support themselves on their journey. Knowing the right people to ask for advice when you need it isn’t always easy! Our FREE “Starting Out” guide offers some tips and tricks straight from independent OTs experiences of working for themselves. It hopefully provides some food for thought and might even help save you a little bit of time and money along the way.

We’ve had some great feedback from OTs so far:

"Great advice and I love the offers of start-up info and T&Cs etc"

"Thanks so much for putting this together, Matthew and all the other contributors. Invaluable advice and I'm on twitter so should at least start by following OTs!"

"Love the new guide! Brilliant work - well done!"

"This is fantastic information, Well done. it will be very helpful to OTs who would like to start private practice."

"Excellent, really useful checklist for OTs who are thinking about putting a toe in the water of independent practice....Thanks for pulling it all together."

“Well done on the great tips for private work leaflet……it’s really good….we needed something like it!”

Download your FREE copy today and if you find it helpful then please don't forget to let people know & shout about it a bit:

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