Something from our recent work experience student Imogen

September 3rd, 2013

Something from our recent work experience student Imogen……

Something from our recent work experience student Imogen who spent a week with us to learn about and shadow an OT so she can see if it’s something she might be interested in as a career:

“I’ve had a very enjoyable week doing work experience for Inclusion.  I have learnt so much in the week I have been with them.  I was following Matthew around most of the time, observing what an Occupational Therapist does in their job.

It was really interesting to find out the kinds of things they do, the different places they go to and the different kinds of people they go and see.  The kinds of people we were visiting were all completely different from each other, some old some young, some big and some small.  I found out how there are many different areas of occupational therapy including work rehabilitation, equipment and adaptions, paediatrics, mental health and more.  Occupational Therapy seems to be a very rewarding job as most of the clients seem to be very grateful for the work that the OT is doing for them.  It was great spending the week with Inclusion because I got to learn some of the different aspects of OT, not just one.  I could see how hard the OTs work to help their clients as much as possible and how much they loved their jobs.  I could see how much dedication Matthew had to the clients he was visiting and tried to help them as much as possible with what they wanted/needed.

An example of this was on the last day we went to visit a woman up in London who had to move house for various reasons even though she didn’t want to and so Matthew had to go to the new house to see what she needed put in to this house to suit her needs and I could tell he was working very hard to try and make it as easy for her to move into this new house with many of the same facilities as she had in her old house to make the move as good and easy as possible.  But I think my favourite part of the week was the second day where I went on the house visits with Matthew, just because I found it very interesting seeing the kinds of people he deals with and the different needs they have that the OT has to correspond to.  Overall I’m really pleased that I chose to do my work experience with Inclusion because they are all such lovely people and were very good at teaching me all about occupational therapy so I got lots out of the week that I was working with them!”

Good luck Imogen and keep in touch.