Some big changes at Inclusion.Me

March 1st, 2015

It's Been a Busy 2015 Already!

There have been some big changes behind the scenes at Inclusion.Me. We're sad to say that Walter Brazil has now left the company and moved on in search of a new challenge, leaving Matthew as the sole company director. Walter leaves with all of our best wishes and a huge thank you for all his exceptional hard work and efforts over the past 3 years.....he'll be hugely missed by us all! Obviously this means we've had alot of restructuring going on as a result of this change so please do bear with us during this period of transition.

We're also delighted to welcome Eleanor as a new member of the admin team, whose already been a big help in updating some of our associate records whilst reviewing our office process' to help streamline the systems we use. We're also in the process of streamlining our services to focus more on our areas of real expertise - housing, equipment, adaptations, access & mobility.

Finally, we're currently planning some exciting changes to our OT finder pages, associate benefits package, independent OT support & training services and we'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions as to how you think we could improve things, either if you're already an associate or considering joining the team? Some of our plans include a Care Act training day with Michael Mandelstam, relaunching our Tips & Social Media Guides and building the range of benefits we are able to offer our associates.......

Please get in touch via if you have any feedback that you think might help our planning, we'd love to hear from you!