Private Occupational Therapy London. Private OT London

January 28th, 2006

Inclusion specialises in private Occupational Therapy (private OT)assessments in and around the London area as well as throughout the whole of the UK for any individual or group, helping those with a disability to work and live as independently as possible.

We offer:

  • Private Occupational Therapy (private OT) assessments and simple case management for people with disabilities, providing specialist independent OT reports, giving guidance and detailed recommendations around potential equipment, adaptations and rehabilitation options. Identifying and implementing clear treatment goals and plans as appropriate
  • Medico-legal casework and expert independent Occupational Therapist witness reports
  • Housing needs assessments - independent / private OT reports designed to assist those clients currently negotiating or about to embark on the rehousing process
  • Specialist OT equipment and adaptation reports - offering either a 1 off independent OT visit and report with clear and detailed recommendations for clients or case managers to then implement or alternatively a private OT project manager/surveyor package to help design and oversee the adaptations process (an option ideal for those who are unable to organise work directly themselves)
  • Independent OT Assessments in cases of review, complaint or potential litigation
  • Housing Association OT Services - providing highly experienced, expert private OTs to assist with tenant waiting time reduction or new build/decent homes projects to name but a few

To find out how one of our private OTs could help you contact our London based team who'll be able to give you free advise and expert guidance.