OT Week A Bit More About Audrey

November 7th, 2019

OT Week Audrey's Story

#OTWeek2019 #SmallChangeBigImpact

OT Week is back this year between 4 - 10 November. This year's focus is #SmallChangeBigImpact which aims to highlight how the role of Occupational Therapists impact clients from even the smallest change to help their physical and mental well being.

To celebrate, have contributed to RCOT's story wall.

A bit more about Audrey and just how much of a BIG impact this 1 small change made!

It’s not always about equipment

Prior to the review

Audrey lives alone in a high rise block of apartments.  She has mental health problems leading to general deterioration and self-neglect.  She is very nervous about visitors in her home and becomes very volatile and aggressive to carers and people she is not familiar with.

Prior to the review, Audrey was receiving two 30 minute care visits each day. Two carers were attending for 30 minutes for the evening call due to her aggression and volatility and concerns about carer safety. findings

Audrey was often volatile and aggressive at night when the carers would call and find her already asleep in her chair.  They would wake her to ask if she wanted to go to bed, resulting in aggression and abuse.

Resulting from

The recommendation of the review was that Audrey does not need two carers to attend at night.  The night time care visit was brought forward so that carers arrive earlier in the evening, at 7pm, before Audrey has fallen asleep.  She is now much more amicable and less anxious, and no longer requires two carers in the evening. 

Costs of care (per year)

The review of the care package and advice gave a reduction in care time of 30 minutes per day.

30 minutes x 7 days x 52 weeks = 182 hours reduction in care per year                                                                                          

Total potential savings               

182 hours @ £16.25 = £2,957.50 per year                                                                                                       

Plus, improved quality of life due to reduced stress for Audrey and her carers


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