OT Week 2019 - Daphne's Story

November 8th, 2019

OT Week Daphne's Story

#OTWeek2019 #SmallChangeBigImpact

OT Week is back this year between 4 - 10 November. This year's focus is #SmallChangeBigImpact which aims to highlight how the role of Occupational Therapists impact clients from even the smallest change to help their physical and mental well being.

This can be applied across previous projects we have been involved in too. In 2018, were commissioned to undertake a review of clients who received double handed care packages within the Borough of Thurrock. These reviews would produce results that ultimately benefitted the clients, the care providers and the council. By using case studies, we can look at these findings more closely, here we will look at Daphne's story.


Prevention of planned increase in care.


Prior to the review

Daphne lives alone in a ground floor council flat.  Daphne weighs approximately 200kg and therefore has a bariatric bed.  She cannot lie flat due to heart and breathing problems.  Daphne has osteoarthritis, bilateral lower limb lymphoedema and also a history of mental health problems. 

Daphne has had care visits from carers from the same care company for around 6 years.  Prior to the review by, Daphne’s carers were struggling with providing her with personal care with two people, as they were rolling her manually to provide personal care and were finding it difficult to hold Daphne in place in side rolling whilst personal care was delivered.  The care company and the council had reached a conclusion that three carers would be required. Unfortunately, the care company could not provide 3 staff and Daphne’s care would have been transferred to another provider, as well as having an increase in care hours.  Daphne was upset about this decision, as she felt she had a good relationship with her carers, which she did not want to lose, and she was concerned about transferring to new carers. findings

The Occupational Therapist from trialed a Romedic top sheet which can be used with the ceiling track hoist, allowing Daphne to be held in place safely and comfortably whilst personal care was delivered.  Daphne could control her ceiling track hoist and therefore was able to control her positioning in side lying herself.  A Wendylett base sheet was also provided to assist with manual handling

The Occupational Therapist demonstrated the improved techniques to Daphne and her carers and updated the manual handling plan accordingly.

Resulting from

The planned increase in care would have resulted in an increase from 2 carers for 30 minutes 4 times per day, to 3 carers for 30 minutes each day for 30 minutes. 

Daphne’s carers were also supported to use improved techniques and new equipment, significantly reducing any risk of injury and improving the safety of Daphne and her carers.

Daphne’s care package remained the same, preventing the increase of an additional 2 hours care each day

Costs of care (per year)

The planned increase in care would have resulted in an additional

2 hour per day x 7 days x 52 weeks = 728 care hours per year                                                                                              

Return on investment

Total potential savings  

728 hours@ £16.25 = £11,830 per year increase avoided                                                                                                     

Plus, improved quality of life, reduced anxiety, improved handling – better for carers and Daphne

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