OT Week 2019 - Audrey's Story

November 7th, 2019

OT Week 2019 - Audrey's Story

#OTWeek2019 #SmallChangeBigImpact

OT Week is back this year between 4 - 10 November. This year's focus is #SmallChangeBigImpact which aims to highlight how the role of Occupational Therapists impact clients from even the smallest change to help their physical and mental well being.

To celebrate, have contributed to RCOT's story wall.

Our OT Matthew Box shares his story.

The Challenge

Audrey lives alone and has mental health problems that led to immobility & self-neglect. Two carers attended in the evening over safety concerns. Audrey was asleep in her chair and was awoken to go to bed causing her distress and heightened anxiety.

The Change

It was suggested that the evening call was brought forward before Audrey fell asleep.

The Impact

Audrey was no longer awoken and became much more amicable, only requiring one carer instead of two. Audrey said she felt much happier and better cared for, whilst there was a significant saving in time and money from reducing the care package.

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