Inclusion In The Press: Business Top Tips – Sevenoaks Chronicle

June 27th, 2013

We’re back in the local press this week with some access advise for local business’ wanting to think about Inclusion and the ways it can not only meet their legal obligations and benefit their community but also their improve revenue and turnover.

Here’s a transcribe of the article:

“The most common questions we get asked about disabled access are:

”How can we comply with the Equality Act”……….“Are there any grants?”

The simple answers are “you can’t comply, you have to act reasonably” & “probably not?”

But for me access isn’t a legal, charitable or even moral issue….for me accessibility is an incredible business opportunity that you cannot afford to ignore.

Disabled consumers are a significant but poorly addressed market worth £80 billion yearly. For an average business disabled customers account for up to 20% of customer base. 32% of disabled people have difficulty accessing goods and services they want to use. The risk of losing these peoples business to a more accessible competitor is huge, not only that but consumer experiences of disabled people affect the choices of family and friends.

Would you go to your favourite restaurant if they didn’t have toilets that you or a member of your family could easily use or if one of you couldn’t get in through the front door?

Not even thinking about accessibility stops people spending their money with you and pushes them into the arms of your competitors who care more about their customers and the value of good PR. Thinking about accessibility is free, there are lots of free resources to help, lots of free help lines and if you can afford to do things to make you more accessible then do them and get some good advise to make sure you spend money wisely. You have a duty to act reasonably but you have a much bigger opportunity to increase revenue and make all your customers feel lovely when they spend with you.”

For more advise and information on the Equality Act and our access audit services please ring 01892 704065 to speak to Matthew or email