Ergonomic OT Workstation Assessments

January 17th, 2008

Ergonomic Occupational Therapy Workstation Assessments

Inclusion can provide a range of Occupational Therapy/Ergonomic work station assessments.

Ergonomics can be defined as the “science of work”. It is the study of people, their working environment and the relationship between them. The word is derived from Greek language – “ergos” meaning work and “nomos” meaning the study or law of.

An ergonomic workstation assessment commonly refers to an examination of the ergonomics of the computer users’ workstation and environment. Any such examination must include a consideration of how the user will fit into the design of these areas and take into consideration any necessary adjustments.

Ergonomic workstation assessments from Inclusion take the form of a one-to-one assessment between a trained assessor and an employee at their place of work (normally who is experiencing some difficulties due to a disability or who is looking to return to work following an accident or deterioration in health). There are many factors which play a part in ergonomics. These include:

  • Posture and movement – twisting, overreaching, lifting, lowering, etc.
  • Environmental factors – available space, room design, lighting, heating, ventilation, noise levels, etc.
  • Tasks being undertaken – appropriat, interesting, repetitive, etc.

The ergonomic workstation assessment then results in a detailed report which not only outlines an individuals functional capabilities but also provides specific, costed recommendations in regards to reasonable adjustments that need to be made to the office environment for them to be able to work safely, for example specifying types of suitable seating, computer equipment required, work place alterations, etc. The aim of this process is to “fit the job to the person” rather than the other way around, making the work place a safe and accessible environment for all.

Ergonomic workstation assessments are a vital part of the healthcare strategy for your company. Your workstations are a potential source of risk and liability and your employees deserve workstations that have been given an assessment by an expert. Our ergonomic workstation assessors have undertaken work for “Access To Work” and are fully qualified Occupational Therapists, with over 10 years experience in various disability fields such as specialist equipment and adaptations as well as the DDA.

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