Jane's diary.....

January 11th, 2013

Diary of an apprentice private practice OT


I’m Jane. I’ve been lucky enough to start working with Inclusion as part of their team in the apprentice private OT role they have created – if you want to know a little more about me you can find my details here:

I have been in post for over two months now with Inclusion and am thoroughly enjoying my new role in independent practice.

The role so far has provided me with a variety of casework and work settings across various locations throughout the country. This has included private assessments for case management companies, outsourced local authority work, involvement with a housing regeneration project, covering a City of London OT/ Reablement post and joint working with my manager on an access audit.

I feel that I have adapted well to the challenge of working from home which requires motivation, discipline, organisation and self- reliance. Although I am working in isolation for the majority of my time and miss the friendships of my work colleagues from my previous post, I feel very supported by my managers and the Inclusion team, who are always available for support and assistance. I also have regular formal and informal supervision.

Many of the frustrations I experienced working in statutory services no longer exist, as this post enables me to fully focus on my role as an OT and the needs of my clients, without having to attend numerous meeting and dealing with the ongoing disruptions that working in a team can bring. I now also have the freedom of managing my time productively which is underpinned by a sense of trust and autonomy from my manager.

I have found that the post so far has provided me with the challenge that I was looking for in my career. It has enhanced my assessment, reasoning and report writing skills and I look forward to the further collaborative opportunities that working with Inclusion will provide for both myself and the company.


Welcome to the Inclusion team Jane - may it be the start of a varied and fabulous year with us!