Dental Surgery Disability Access Audit

January 3rd, 2011

Dental Surgery Disability Access Audit

We’ve recently had a lot of dental practices/dental surgeries contacting us about disability access audits and what they are so we thought we should give a little more information specifically around how a disability access audit could help your dental surgery:

The Equality Act

The Equality Act recently replaced the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) with it’s stated aim being to ‘harmonise discrimination law, and to strengthen the law to support progress on equality’. The Act replaces all existing equality legislation, including the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

The Equality Act aims to ensure that service providers and business’ will have to consider how their policies, programmes and service delivery will affect people with the protected characteristics such as age, gender and / or disability.

A disability access audit is the easiest and most comprehensive way of making sure you meet the needs of your disabled clients, customers and employees. We have worked with numerous dental surgeries around London and the south east recently to help ensure they meet their responsibilities under the new Equality Act and that they are providing as accessible a service as possible, therefore increasing their potential revenue from the estimated £80 billion annual purchasing power of the disabled population. We have designed a low cost summary audit that we feel is ideal for these SME type business’, with the aim being to provide as much information and help as possible at the very lowest cost to our clients.

What is a Disability Access Audit?

Our summary access audit maps a journey through your business, as taken by a disabled person meaning that you are aware of all your responsibilities under the DDA and new Equality Act and the most cost-effective ways of meeting them. Through the audit we will examine the accessibility of your service, identify barriers and measure usability. We always consider the nature of your business and budget when recommending ways of improvement, meaning that the options are often cheaper than you may think.

What are the benefits of a Disability Access Audit?

The benefits of choosing one of our summary access audit’s for your dental surgery:

  • Inclusion.Me's specialist knowledge of the issues surrounding disabled people will save you money and increase your potential income.
  • Our design philosophy will improve customer and staff satisfaction and loyalty.
  • We provide property access solutions, which help meet your responsibilities under the old DDA and new Equality Act.
  • Our training of employees to provide equal access will improve your customer service.

Our advice will not only affect people with disabilities, but also have an enormous benefit and reward for everyone by improving accessibility.

All our access auditors have at least 10 years experience of working in the fields of disability, access and construction. They attend regular training to ensure they are up to date with all relevant legislation & guidance.

Contact Inclusion or phone: 01892 704065 for further details about the equality Act and our access auditing services.