Decent Homes Programmes: Your Occupational Therapy Partner

June 20th, 2017

Decent Homes Programmes: Your Occupational Therapy Partner

Since 2009, Inclusion.Me has developed an excellent reputation as a highly capable provider of expert OT services for partner agencies in this area of work; specialising in expert assessments and recommendations within the fields of housing, equipment, mobility and access.

Housing, equipment and adaptations are one of our specialisms and a core area of our work.

A key strength of our approach has been building strong Contractor partnerships, alongside Registered Providers and Project Teams working in the field of Decent Homes Modifications and New Build / Decant. Further, our extensive housing experience is invaluable when identifying the most appropriate cost effective and creative solutions for addressing functional deficits; including physical alterations to homes.

What we offer:

  • We always provide a dedicated Business Relationship Manager ensuring a single point of contact
  • Responsive team of OTs available by phone for contractors when on site
  • Comprehensive Occupational Therapy consultancy and advice services to other professionals delivering the Decent Homes Programme
  • Reliable, responsive assessments and analysis of functional ability, through our network of knowledgeable, expert OTs. 
  • Housing assessment need and identification of tenants whom would benefit from an Occupational Therapy (assessment
  • Standardization of installation specifications to improve efficiency of installations and ease of maintenance in the future
  • Delivery of population assessment tenant-needs-questionnaires

We are adept and highly experienced at working within Decent Homes programmes. 

Our client base includes: Pinnacle PSG, Staying First Merton, Watmos, Ethelred, Guinness South, Mullalleys, Lambeth, United Living and Phoenix Community Housing.

We pride ourselves on our strong customer focus and in particular our prompt response times and turnaround of work allows organisations and private individuals to avoid the waiting times and restrictions which are frequently encountered when dealing with local authority services.

To talk to one of our team of expert housing Occupational Therapists please ring 01892 320334 or email