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Working for Inclusion.Me - calling all OTs!

January 13th, 2014

Working for Inclusion….Calling OTs/Access Auditors….

At Inclusion we are always looking for Occupational Therapists with experience in Equipment and Adaptations assessment work, Private Occupational Therapy assessments, Disability Access Auditing, Vocational Rehab or paediatric OT (to name but a few). We offer a variety of work options from one off pieces of work through to ongoing contract work…

How can working for Inclusion benefit you?

  • Flexibile and convenient working arrangements
  • Good rates of pay
  • Experience of working as an independent OT
  • Variety of work across public, private and voluntary sector to expand knowledge and skills
  • We will help and support you into private practice as much as possible

What we expect from our assessors

  • To work to COT, Inclusion and HCPC standards of practice
  • Have their own Insurance cover
  • To normally have at least two to three years post qualifying experience in relevant fields. Currently working in social services, having experience in Access Auditing, private OT practice or other related fields is a big advantage
  • To possess an up to date CV, CRB, recent evidence of practice, training etc
  • To work to pre-agreed protocols
  • To keep us informed of availability, activities and progress on cases at all times

Types of work available

  • Clearing Social Services / HA waiting lists
  • Disability Access Auditing
  • One-off  ADL assessments / Equipment and Adaptations Assessments
  • Vocational Rehab Work
  • Paediatric Casework

Our OTs / Auditors work on a self employed basis and are fully supported and supervised through any work offered. Send us an email to with a copy of your CV along with relevant details of the type of work you are looking for / Geographical areas you are willing to cover, etc and we will get back in touch to talk about how we might be able to work together….it could be your first steps into private practice and the best career decision you ever make…..

Email: – don’t forget your CV

Tel: 01892 704065- We’ll still need a CV

Request a call back: Contact us – and the CV rule still applies……..