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Phoenix Community Housing

September 30th, 2013

Since 2010 Inclusion has been working in partnership with Phoenix Community Housing, offering focussed assessment to shore up accessibility needs with the expansive Decent Homes / Improvements programme being rolled out across the housing stock managed by Phoenix in the area.

Inclusion work on a spot purchase basis offering responsive on site assessments of client needs in the context of: Access requirements, Bathroom design & Kitchen design.

Working in partnership with Phoenix and liaising directly with the Contractor ( Mullaley ), Inclusion have offered bespoke solutions to individuals needs through provision of detailed specifications for kitchen and bathroom facilities within homes involved in the Decent Homes programme.

Objectives / Outputs:

  • Increased resident satisfaction.
  • Assessment Recommendations responsive to the program schedule.
  • Efficient use of resources.
  • Dynamic discussions with the contractors involved in installations.
  • Decreased demands on Local Authority assessment services.

Assessments are offered as Phoenix requires them, often within 2 weeks of the commission. Inclusion offers on-site visits with surveyors and contractors to ensure technically acceptable solutions are agreed, allowing jobs to go-live with the least delays possible. We offer mobile contacts for the assessing therapist so that, once on site, the contractors can get professional advice when revisions are required, saving time and money on down time and increasing client satisfaction in the build program.